child slavery


One of the Worlds most immoral issue’s is child slavery, an issue which not enough is being done to be resolved. Around the world “there are nearly 9 million children around the World” going through the horrors of child slavery. This ongoing atrocity must be addressed and clearly brought to the attention to the western blind eye. The world is blind of the issue, and not doing enough to resolve these issues occurring issues such as child slavery.

Everyday a child is working for cents an hour, so these large greedy companies can make a larger profit. The extremely low cost of child slavery and labor “has led to a high demand of cheap child laborers. An example of the corporation’s greed would be companies like Hershey, and Mars producing cocoa beans. In the cocoa bean production alone, the amount of child slaves have “ reach up to 109,000”. The countries taken advantage of do not have the power to stand up for them selves, so these industries “ strength is just an accident owed to the weakness of others”(Conrad). Despite all of this horrific information child slavery still occurs, and the issue remains unresolved.

The disturbing truth is that western civilizations don’t care enough about other third world countries issues. If these rich western countries cared there would not be any child slaves. Western Civilizations, unfortunately only care about western problems. Rich countries do not care, of third world issues such as child slavery, and labor. If the US had child slaves and the people knew of the problem, it would be immediately resolved.

There are many issues in the world, and to solve any of them the help from others is required. The worlds blindness towards issues itself, has become one of the worlds largest issues. Joseph Conrad alluded to the world’s blindness towards ongoing atrocities in his novella “Heart of Darkness”. People need to open their eyes to see the horrors of child slavery, and do something about it. The child slaves “ very loud cry, as of infinite desolation”(conrad) are not being herd, and their cries for help are receiving no attention because no one is listening. The only way to stop these issues is to show the world, and hope the human race provides help towards these child slaves.

Most citizens of the United States do not know of many ongoing issues around the world, and choosing not to look at the problems that come along with receiving their product. Help that is required in third world countries is not being done; people choose to turn a blind eye towards issues, “the rest of the world was no where as far as eyes and ears where concerned”(Conrad), can you take a look.


-Conrad, Joseph. (1998) Heart of darkness. In C. Watts (Eds.) Heart of Darkness and Other Tales. (pp. 133-252) New York: Oxford University Press.

-Mammel, Mitchell.(2013) The bitter truth behind the chocolate industry. Child Slavery.


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