fog symbolism in Heart of Darkness

In the novella, Heart of Darkness, the author Joseph Conrad exposes symbolically, third world countries ‘crying’ for help and the prominent first world countries blindness toward the issues through the essence of the fog. The steamer, trapped in an overwhelming fog, symbolizes first world countries not being able to see the unruly issues surrounding these poor countries,”The very loud cry,as of, infinite desolation”(191,192) symbolizes the desperate need for help in third world countries, yet rich countries, enveloped in a blinding fog, do not choose to see it. Their provoked cries had only “given an irresistable impression of sorrow”(197) but not help, those crying outside the fog desperately required. An example is Africa with extremely low resources, crying for the help of rich western civilizations; however, not enough is being done to help and save innocent lives. Help that is required in third world countries is not being done; people choose to turn a blind eye towards issues;”the rest of the world was no where as far as eyes and ears where concerned”(192).



Conrad, Joseph. (1998) Heart of darkness. In C. Watts (Eds.) Heart of Darkness and Other Tales. (pp. 133-252) New York: Oxford University Press.


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